What is SEO


Search engines use complex (and jealously guarded) mathematical formulas called algorithms to determine how sites rank, which is why no legitimate SEO firm can guarantee results. Many, however, resort to “black hat” SEO, which breaks the established rules and will eventually get your site banned from Google and the other search engines.

Search engines do not actually search the web—they search their index (i.e, database) of the web. Web pages get placed in their index by automated computer programs, called spiders or bots, which crawl the web and add pages to their index. Until these bots find and index your site, there’s no way to appear in the search results.

Obtaining top ranking in the search results requires both on-page and off-page optimization. On-page optimization is everything done to the individual pages of the site so that Google understands what each page is about. This starts with keyword research to determine the best converting keywords you can rank well for, given the competitiveness of your market. These keywords are then used in the title, heading, and throughout the pages of your site.

Off-page optimization involves building backlinks from other authoritative websites to improve your PageRank.


Someone who’s a recognized authority in a field tends to make more money than an amateur, wouldn’t you agree? Because an expert is more likely to be recommended by others and command higher prices, right? Can you tell me someone you consider an expert or authority in his field?

What are some of the qualifications that make this person an expert in your eyes?

  • Years of experience in a field
  • Recommendations from others
  • Endorsements from top industry experts
  • Depth, breadth, and quality of knowledge

SEO is just like that. It’s the work that goes into making your website an authority in the eyes of search engines like Google, so that they’ll “recommend” it to its users, by ranking you higher than your competition.

Just like offline expertise, SEO requires both time and work. No one becomes an expert overnight, and certainly not without working at it.

Right now, as far as Google’s concerned, your website is an amateur, so it isn’t going to recommend you. My job is to make it—and by extension, you—into an authority, so that they will. Does that make sense?

There are a variety of search engine optimization services which offer solutions for a variety of ranking issues, and deficiencies. Depending on your goals, and needs one, or a combination, of the below services may be right for your website.