Drawlines Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services

Local SEO

We work with small businesses who need local exposure within the major search engines. Through on-site optimization, link development, and search engine business listings, we bring small businesses to new local customers. Our Local SEO campaign is designed for those who have a modest budget, who only require a local geographic reach.

Each Local SEO Campaign Includes

  • Keyphrase research to determine the most suitable geo-targeted & non-localized keywords
  • Content development (various content development options can be customized per month starting with 2 posts/articles)
  • Title & meta tag optimization
  • Basic link development (social media and local business directories)
  • Google Traffic analytics installation

Starting at $350/mo

Full Service SEO

The Full Service SEO campaign has been developed to address the needs of small and medium sized businesses who have a regional or national audience, and would like to improve their search engine presence. With customized keyword lists, and in-depth link development and cultivation services, this option is flexible enough to produce short- and long-term results.

Each Full Service SEO Campaign Includes

  • In-depth keyword research and recommendations based on current rankings and future ranking capabilities of each website
  • Content development with ongoing monitoring and improvements as dictated by ranking improvements and keyword evolution¬†(various content development options can be customized per month starting with 2 posts/articles)
  • Title & meta tag optimization
  • Technical audit to address potentially problematic website architecture, user interface, content design, navigation, and internal link profile
  • Advanced link development targeting specific keywords and keyword groups
  • Google Traffic analytics installation

Starting at $750/mo

One-Time Site Optimization

The One-Time SEO service is best suited for local or national businesses which simply want to ensure that their website meets search engine guidelines, and provides search engine spiders and algorithms the best opportunity to understand what the site is about. Even though these campaigns include a keyword component, they are designed to address the overall health of the site as opposed to attempt the ranking improvement of specific keywords.

Each One-Time Site Optimization Includes

  • Comprehensive keyword research
  • Title & meta tag optimization
  • Content, heading, and sub-heading optimization
  • Internal link profile audit
  • Website audit to provide an actionable list of fixes and improvements for the web property
  • Google Traffic analytics set-up

Starting at $1500